I got in contact with Rayn Benson ([email protected]) from his ad (for-sale.yakaz.com/fenn…). He told me that all that I would need to pay is $220 and “that was all” to get the fox transported. I was asked to pay $490 since the fox was in quarantine somewhere in New York. I was told that it would be here by 7:30am then I was told 11:50am. It takes about 10 hours to get from there to Michigan so I don’t know how the times could get that mixed up. Some of the details were getting changed. I asked where the fox was and then asked for a refund. This “delivery service” claims the money is non-refundable and if the permit is not provided for the fox that in 3 days time, the fox will be sent on quarantine and I would be reported for pet abandon and fined. These people use manipulation on emotions and attachments to scam you out of money.. I demand All Money Back To Me. Stay away

  • #Mariana Garcia
  • #Morgan Jones (Secretary)

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