I had filed for DOT numbers on Saturday with FMCA. I failed to tell my fiancee/ Office manager about the warning that they give about these types of scam’s. Anyways low and behold I was out doing estimates this morning morning when my fiancee called me sounding excited and accomplished about the phone call she just finished . She explained the whole scam that this woman used and that she paid her $300.. I didn’t put it together and I was happy about her getting the other stuff registered. When I got home and looked at the email I noticed it was from interstate Transport authority LLC !!! RIGHT THERE IT CLICKED IN MY HEAD THAT ALL COMMUNICATION FROM GOVERNMENT AGENCIES USUALLY ENDS IN . GOV SO I CALLED MARIE AND ASKED HER TO CANCEL MY ORDER THAT SHE HAD PUT TOGETHER FOR MY FIANCE PERIOD AND TOLD HER THAT I WAS PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY AND I DIDN’T NEED HER TO FILE ANY PAPERWORK FOR ME. SHE SAID I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE A PRESIDENT OF A PILE OF S*** LOL AND THAT SHE WOULD NOT RETURN MY MONEY. WELL NEEDLESS TO SAY AFTER CALLING HER 50 TIMES IN A ROW SHE FINALLY DECIDED TO BLOCK ME PERIOD SO I USED ANOTHER PHONE CALL THERE ANOTHER 30 TIMES BEFORE SHE REALIZED IT AND BLOCKED ME FOUND HER FACEBOOK PAGE AND LEFT HER A NICE POST. AND WHICH POINT FIVE MINUTES LATER I GOT A CANCELLATION FOR THE ORDER PERIOD SO IF ANYONE ELSE THERE GETS SCAMMED AND SHE DOESN’T RETURN THE MONEY HARASSED THE HELL OUT OF HER. I STARTED OUT NICE SAYING PLEASE CANCEL THE ORDER IN MY EMAIL AND I HAD TO TURN UGLY LOL GOOD LUCK