INTEX Country: U.S.A. Selected Product and Subject of your inquiry Product: Airbeds Subcategory: In-Home Subject: Other Subject Your detail inquiry Your Question(s) below: My sister bought my wife and I a INTEX airbed from she believes from Walmart as a wedding gift in February and has since lost the receipt for it. I pulled the airbed out of the box last night “on 06/12/15″” and went to set it up for my Mother – In – Law and the bed has a rip in it and no damage at all to the box anywhere what can I do to get the bed repaired (or) replaced? Thank you for your time. W.G. Akron

OH Agent response We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you. As a valued Intex Consumer your feedback is greatly appreciated. ***** Unfortunately that product does not have any warranty or service program associated with it.***** Any exchange would come from the retailer in accordance to their policy. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope this unfortunate situation does not discourage you from choosing Intex in the near future. Unfortunately that product does not have any warranty!!!!!!!! “”that’s bull s***”” Then why in the heck are you in BUSINESS IF YOUR STUFF DON’T HAVE A WARRANTY ON IT? Intex Recreation Corp. Attn: Consumer Service Dept. 1665 Hughes Way Long Beach

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