Logistics Manager work from home package tracking, receiving and shipping


My Complaint: I was contacted by a company called International Distribution on January 12, 2015 saying they got my resume off careerbuilder. I then moved forward with two phone interviews and proceeded with the hiring process. I filled out an application, signed a one year contract with the company thru a law firm, later to find out that the law firm was fake as well. My duties were to track, receive and send orders from their company and make sure they got to their proper destination. They provided me with prepaid shipping labels and we had a daily online and phone communication. When it came time to receive my money, I did not. I called them and they said the finance department would notify me when it was deposited into my paypal account. I then proceeded to contact the law firm Smith, Thacher & Suffman PLLC and I left a message. I then researched the law firm and it is fake with a fake website.


My Demand: Find these people that pray on good people and put them in prison.