First off, I am not one person speaking about this, we are a collaboration of import/exporters who have had enough of the way this company deals with their customers. Lets start, let me explain how this company works. they first act nice and trustworthy, they make you believe that they are a big shipping company and they ship all over the world. They are very good at selling you their service, and in one cases, they do business with you for a couple times until you trust them with a big shipment. Then when it comes time for you to ship your product, they will promise you that it will be at the destination at a certain date, so you wait, and wait. You ask them were are my goods/containers, they tell you they are on their way, but in the meantime they are forging port entry documents and paying people off to cover up for their malicious intents. So you as a customer are wondering where are my goods and why they haven’t shipped them yet. Well, they will give you excuses until you had enough, by the time you actually want to file a lawsuit against them, they have had all the fraudulent papers they needs to prove that you never even used them as a shipping company, nonetheless the goods and containers don’t even exist in china or wherever they were coming from. You got robbed, blind, clear, and there is nothing you can do about it. They use loopholes in international laws of shipping to steal your goods, they are smart thieves, they are in business to scam you. and that’s it. BUT let me ask you why do they do this? first off, they are Arabs that live in Gaza, where law and who you know and how much money you have gives you all the power, in order to have power you must do favors for your government, over the years, they found that shipping for exporters and importers didn’t have a good profit margin, and they needed money to pay a lot of people off, so in this case, they resorted to robbing people to get the cash necessary to keep their corrupted business running. they started laundering money, paying police, and under the table importing to keep the fire burning of their business. I can count about 15 people who got about $30,000- $1.4 million dollars stolen from them. truth be said WE are those people. Don’t be fooled, this company will steal your goods and money, you will lose in anyway dealing with this company and these people. I promise. you will fall into a hole losing your valuable goods and your hard earned money, I can’t explain how much I hate what this company did to me and all the people I know who they stole from. if you read this and still deal with this company, you will understand that one day you will lose everything dealing with them. So let’s stand up and boycott there services, and put them out of business. We are honest people trying to make a living, clearly their living consists of stealing from honest truthful people. Please STOP dealing with them. .

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