PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RUNNNNNNNNNN!! nHi everyone,nIf you came to this site then you probally are about to Move oversees. With that said, please LISTEN to what I’m about to say. nIntlMove is theeee worse company first and foremost. I use to work for the company so I know. The company is operated by two mean, nasty, old, and ugly individuals. They run this little small business where they make the company sound larger then what they are. For instance, with a name like intlmove, you would think a company of this nature would have a customer service dept. Right? Wrong. They have a voice recording for there customer service. Once you pay in full, you are no good to them. All of your complaints/concerns is done by email and email only. It’s amazing how a person can drop 10k on a move and they cant even get a response as far as the status of their shipment. AMAZING!!!! nAlso, if you go over on the cft. then you are really screwd. This is when Intl really steps up their game. Not for the customer of course, but only for themselves. This is when the extra charges will start brewing up and I mean BREWING!!!! Even if you decide to cancel your move because you didn’t get that job transfer or because you had a change of heart, best of luck getting your money back. This is really sad and this is one out of the many problems that I had with the company. nFinally, if you are thinking about working there, please try your local fast food rest. instead. As an employee, I started raising an eyebrow once the owner of the company started changing the comp plan. A matter of fact, there was no comp. plan. It changed depending how the owner felt that day. Amazing. Also, they want you to work from home as well as the weekends without pay?? HUH?? What they need to realize is that if you want me to work OT, then pay me. After all, $250 a week really doesn’t get you that far in life unless your staying at home with your parents. Not only does the pay suck but that WOMAN who is in charge of that office really needs to go. She is a monster. TRUST ME PEOPLE. I feel so sorry for her. If you want to know her character, please rent the movie Mommy Dearest!!!!! Please watch and I will even pay for your blockbuster bill. Please watch this movie before you decide to move with this company. You will thank me letter. nMost importantly, good luck on your international move and I wish you all a safe journey. nAnonymousnAventura, FloridaU.S.A.

1880 NE 170TH, N. Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A.


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