Complaint: I came with an invention that I presented to Invention Resource International. They liked my product and we signed a contract in which they promise me a product at the end. After paying the agreed amount to start the process I was adviced, I was not going to hear from them until after six months. I was told to “hold thight”” and that the process was going to take up two years to complete. A patent was filed and they made me believe that everything was in the makings. After the brochure was sent to me it was very difficult to get in contact with them. They will never return my phone calls ever. I will try day after day with no call back. After the two years passed I became worry and starter calling more frequent with no response. After I got a hold of them after 3 years they told me they “”COULD NOT DO ANYTHING FOR ME BECAUSE I DIDNT FILE FOR AN OPTINIONAL PANANT. In which they said I was not nesesary but optional. They never call to advice me of anything and finaly I was able to get a hold of the operator which she claimed to be also the top manager and her reason for not responding to my messages is because their system was not working and all the messages were lost in cyberspace for the past three years. But if that was the case they never contacted me via email or phone. Now they took my life savings and ran. Please help me. Brian I Armenta -(((redacted)))”

Tags: Sales People

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 800)778-8814