It all started with a gift. Someone bought me an Invicta Watch from ewatches for christmas, I was excited…Ive owned Rolexes, Brietlings, diesels, even G shocks, but I always liked my Invicta Lupa so when I got a nice chunky Invicta I was so happy. It was the time of giving and since the price was right I bought the person back one, I bought my son one AND I even bought my lawyer a watch instead of the reg bottle of gin! E watches is the best when you want to get a good deal on a watch. Too Bad when It comes to customer service invicta isnt the same. Unfortunately the clasp on my original watch broke the first time I went to set the watch and I was mad! It wasnt an expensive watch but it was a gift so I called E watches and they were glad to exchange the watch except they did not have the watch in stock and pointed out that Invicta would warranty the item because it was only 1 week old. I called Invicta 18668892824 and the nerve of this company they told me i was caller 35 and it would be a 45 minute wait to speak to a rep! I hung up and figured hey, maybe tis the season, I called back 2 days later and again was caller 57 and was told it would be over an hour to speak to a rep, this time i said you know what i will leave it on speaker and ill do some paperwork…1.3 hours later I get a rep on the fone. This person informs me that the watch is infact under warranty and that they would be glad to srvice it and get it back to me asap. I follow the directions to mail it back and was told it would be a few weeks…..after 2 months I call back the rep and complain about the time, he takes my email and tells me he will get on it and there will be a charge…I let him know that at the time of the purchase I had sent in the watch within a month of its purchase and he requests the reciept…OK…So i ask the person who gave me the watch to email me the reciept and i forward it to Franky, now I have a contact and a name to talk too…a month passes and he tells me that I wont have to pay the fee and the watch will be repaired and sent to me…2 months pass by and I am told via email that my $200 watch has been sent to switzerland for repair and to expect it 30 to 90 days from that date of email for the watches return! I lete him know that it was ridiculous and that I was not happy and he did not respond. another month goes ny and I email him again, now the time is waaaaaay past the 90 days and I ask him if he could rectify this situation by sending me into the local mall where they just opened an invicta store with a certificate of equal value to get a watch, now the season has changes and that same chunky watch is out of style and season, and since a gift not worn in the giver presence EVER. Which was an insult. This could have been an easy solution but Franky Guevara is an unintelligent, entry level, deadhead that sucks society dry by performing sub par in all his lifes activities and unfortunately tarnishes Invictas somewhat decent reputation. They make cheap watches with a cool style for anaccessory but with representation at a corporate level by idiots like Franky Guevara their company will be out of business within years. I will start a slam campaign against the company and the many people that come to me for gift ideas an event concepts. I am also going to put forth a social media campaign that highlights the stupidity of Invicta for hiring and depending on good customer service from their employees…I will make sure that Franky Guevara is singled out and targeted as the main reason why my NYC network of friends, family, and colleagues will not buy Invicta products. After Invicta sees this, and im sure they will, I hope they will fire Franky Guevara and I hope that any company that he hopes to seek employment from will see this any NOT hire this deadbeat. All because he wanted to punish me for not wanting to pay a service fee that I didnt have to pay, and because I told him how important it was to get back quickly…..I DONT WANT THE WATCH ANYMORE Franky…cause as of right now the last email I recieved said I would get it sometime in June!?!?! Go f*** yourself Franky, and go f*** yourself Invicta for having a loser like this guy as your rep…I dont usually bother with reports like this, some a**hole put one up on me….theyre usually such bulls***, but my fellow whistleblowers…this s*** is real…your better off with a G shock! .

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