Complaint: This site is all about money. I understand that this site uses and makes the income from the texting plan, but you pay for 100 messages to find out that you only get to use 50. You are being charged for incoming and outgoing messages, but if you don’t use all your messages before the new subscription plan, then you don’t get the messages rolled over. Yes, the messages are cheap because it is $9.99, but it adds up fast. The only other option you have is to buy a higher plan, and yes it sucks. Because you are also are still getting charge for incoming and outgoing text. The worst part seems you are talking to multiple people and it sounds at times like they don’t live in the U.S.A. based on wording in text. My issue is that you get an emotional attachment to the “IB”” and you can share some personal matters. I knew a couple of people that thought they were really in a relationship and they were thinking they are going on a date to find out that they got stood up. I say this is a great site if you are not getting emotional involved. I think if the service is going to continue

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Address: then company need to update their site. When you ask for a picture

Website: you don’t get any gifts for birthday

Phone: the phone seems not to be working. The photos that are used are stock photos that they paid. The voice messages are not real voice messages