Temple of the Earth Aljezur and Veerle Pharla stopped laughing when she realized her Facebook told the police where to go next to find ayahuasca in the Algarve. She threatened a witness and wrote to the Ministry Public slandering a witness and so the Ministry Public started smashing peoples doors in finding LSD, DMT, Ayahuasca, weed and other drugs.
Veerle Pharla and others stopped laughing when they were caught seeking witnesses, two other involved were arrested. Daniela Markert stopped laughing when she realized her husband faced 12 years in prison, a lawsuit for 165.000 euros and when she was included in the criminal charges for trafficking in bags of cannabis and LSD. Daniela Markert stopped laughing and poking fun at witnesses when she was told to expect prison.
Johannes Maasland and several people including Veerle Pharla of Temple of the Earth found the whole matter funny and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with over 300 counts of nasty humiliation i

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