Tristan Akat stopped laughing when he realized that posting in weed forums looking to buy hash and weed in the Algarve, using your full real name, is stupid when all your family are in police investigations and facing drug trafficking charges with prison time. Rebecca and Tristan Akat stopped laughing when a plot to criminalize and put in prison an innocent man backfired because their auntie and uncle did not get rid of the weed (14 kilos of it) and the innocent man had no crime to answer to.
The family stopped laughing when the GNR took away 14 kilos of cannabis and they had to take the karma intentions they had for other innocent people, prison.The Akats thought it was funny to threaten people with police backgrounds and stopped laughing when the family faced a lawsuit for 300, 000 euros and several family members were facing 12-15 years in prison for drug dealing, threats to murder and a 30 month campaign of vicious witness intimidation arranged by the auntie and uncle of

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