Claimed that I did not pay for an item. However, they charged my account. Tried to take more money


My Complaint: I was looking for a specific item at a discounted price. I came upon I offer. Initially, I thought it was a legitimate business. As I tried to purchase an item from this site not being aware that it was all a scheme the portal in which you check out had said that my payment was declined. I knew this had to be inaccurate because I had more than sufficient amount of funds during the time. So I thought maybe I typed it in incorrectly so I re-typed it and was very anal and making sure the info was correct. Again it said declined. So, I called my financial institution and they said that I had in fact been charged for the transaction. Thankfully I am with a credit union and they are very anal and protective of their members they did more research into the transaction and told me that not only was I charged for the transaction, but the same company had also tried to take $114.00 out of a $16.60 purchase. I was appalled and infuriated. I now have to wait for a new card and wait for the fraud and prevention center to dispute that transaction.


My Demand: I DEMAND my money back and I want this site TAKEN DOWN. I don’t want anyone else to have to suffer because of this.