Complaint: I worked for the company for a week. These guys make a lot of money. They average between $400 – $600 a day. That’s take home pay. They can make $1000+ a day. They are all independent contractors so they can pretty much say whatever lie they want to get the sale. They might tell you that they delivered to a customer up the street or have too much inventory & need to get rid of some. It’s all a lie to make a sale. They sweeten up the deal by saying they’ll throw in a discounted or a free box. They are not doing you any favors! They buy a case of steaks from iasteaks for $100, chicken for $25. The online price they say is $379 but I’ll sell it to you for $179 right now. You say no a couple of times & they’ll ask how close can you get to my bottom line? They train you to sell a case of steaks for the price of the chicken at $179. If you fall for it then he just made$79. The guys are elite salesman & that’s why they make big money. I’ve never tried their food & neither have the people trying to sell it to you. The guys driving in the trucks DO NOT have customers. Everyday they pick whatever neighborhood they want & go door to door. I personally would never buy from them. I was even mislead. I was told that there was no selling. I would be delivering to customers that ordered food. They hire me on the spot. No background check or dmv check, which I found odd. They did tell me to inform people that steaks not to be thawed before cooking. Slow cook from frozen. Just a little look into that company. FYI- I have nothing for or against the company. Don’t believe what they tell you. They’re simply guys in a truck trying to sell steaks. Whether or not they’re good steaks, I don’t know & neither do they. Buyer beware!

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