My payments are due on the 14th of every month. If I pay on the 4th one month and the 12th the next I get hit with extra interest payments, even though the company does not decrease my interest and apply the extra to my principal when I shorten the time between payments. Last month I sent in a post dated check for the due date of the payment. The company deposited the check on the 4th. This month I did the same post dating my check for the 14th and the company sent the check back to me saying they could not cash it because it was postdated. This is causing a huge gap between payment times when the company charges me extra interest. Today is the 14th and when I talked with the company this morning my payment had not yet arrived and I will go into default. This is my credit they are messing with and charging me extra interest. Prior to this I had been paying extra amounts in efforts to reduce my principal. The company was applying the money to what they term as future interest and reducing my monthly payment required. They had no right to do this other than to get me to pay less and hope for me to pay less than the amount of interest due for the month. They did actually have my payment so low that it was about half of my normal payment, and less than the interest accrued during the month. When I wrote on my payment stub to apply the excess to the principal on overpayment the company corresponded to me that the accepted my request to not make extra payments in the future. This was all dreamed up by them. This company had no right to lower my monthly payment amount and hold my money for future interest payments just because they do not want the principal of the loan paid down. I have contacted the Iowa Atty General and filed a complaint with them as well. I need some body to stop these crooked practices and hold this company accountable for the injustice that they participate in not just for myself, but for others who may not look at their statements, pay extra amounts, and do not know they are getting screwed by the company that was supposed to be helping them in a professional and legal business practice. I would love to see and pray that a class action law suite is filed against this company. I will participate if one does come to be. .

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