Complaint: iPage rip me off $2000 of commission for my hard work in 3 months. iPage frequently scam their affiliates ! A LOT OF TIMES. AGAIN AND AGAIN. A Lot Of Tricks ! If you ever read the iPage affiliate program section in their website, they basically saying that they will pay you $105 for each sale of $35.88 that you made for them (via referral). They are saying you can earn $105 for each sale of $35.88 if you affiliate with them directly in their system. So, to work with iPage affiliate program, I had to build a good website, hire people to write articles, buying seo serives to boost the site’s rank. I personally support every customer and referral, every single one of them to ensure their happiness with iPage. And yes, the first month they paid me $735. And I was so excited by the first payment from them that I decided to invest further into the business, I invested in videos, facebook pages, facebook ads, google ads, bing ads to promote them. Sales was on fire.Guess what ? They didn’t pay me for my second month performance, also my third, my fourth. I’m in my fifth month in doing affiliate with them. I tried to contact them via helpchat support, the helpchat supporters always tell me that affiliate issue is outside of their powers and they had reported the issue to a higher authorized department/manager to look into the problem and will response me via email within 24 – 48 hours. It has been 3 months since the first message like that and they still fail to resolve the problem for me up to this point (3 months later). The problems with affiliate issues just built up. The amout of missing commission that they owe me also built up. I contact them via helpchat support and via email (to both [email protected] and [email protected]) twice a week within 3 months to remind them but they just keep telling me to wait, someone is looking into it… F*G 3 MONTHS ! not just days or weeks. 3 MONTHS ! I have all my customers email them to confirm about their association with me but I’m still not paid for referring them. Even now I still get the SAME message that someone is working on it every time I contact them via helpchat. However when the payment cycle comes, they just don’t pay me and tell me to wait more.. IPAGE IS CLEARLY A SCAM. Please affiliates don’t fall for it. They will pay you when you first affiliate with them, trying to bump you up and falsely motivate you. Then, in next upcoming months, when you doing really good, they will scam all your hard work just to get their money back. It’s a trick I have seen a lot. So my advice for you is that don’t do affiliate business directly with them, do it via for example (even in there, they can still scam you, but the risk is smaller) and don’t stick with only one account. THE BEST ADVICE IS NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM ! THEY SCAM BOTH THEIR CUSTOMERS AND THEIR AFFILIATES ALOT OF TIMES ! JUST SERACH IN THE INTERNET AND READ,you will see ! THANKS

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