I was trying to unlock my iphone that is locked by icloud. I have purchased the phone a year ago, i have a receipt. and i filled all the details at iphoneimei.netpaid $28 and they said you will need to pay another $42 on completion. placed the order and after 2 days they sent me an email saying that the unlock is ready and i need to pay thenext $42 dollars. so i payed that $42 and waited for another 2 days and then they sent me an email saying that my iphone was blacklisted and its not possible to unlock it and they will do an in store credit refund.I sent them multiple emails including my apple purchase receipt and they never answered back. I went to the payment gateway which is nochex.com and they said the merchant decides whether they refund or not.iphoneimei.net is a scammer and nochex.com is promoting scammer merchants.