IPOP/JRP is holding auditions on Friday, April 25, 2014 in South Bend, IN. Several families were ripped off in December 2012 when the last auditions were held in South Bend, IN. If the speaker is Jeff Sievers (who talks about his daughter, Shayla, dying), run as fast as you can! Also, R. J. Sievers (his father) is also a “talent scout.”” Tabitha is Jeff’s wife. All of these people will rip you off! IPOP/JRP is the same company. They will try to convince you that your child has talent and could be the next Disney star. All they want is your money! If you are willing to give up thousands of dollars for the “”school”” (which is all it is) and photographs

then maybe you have an endless bank account. You will have to sign a contract and either pay the money upfront or in installments. No reputable talent agency will want money upfront! The “”instructors”” (if they show up and don’t reschedule) are a joke. Also the “”showcase”” is laughable. They don’t have any music; the modeling agent for our showcase was over an hour late. Nothing is filmed to send to talent agents. No one will contact you after the showcase! Try texting


phone calls

whatever. You will not get an answer. If you don’t believe me