The two bit hooker does not get the point. So like seven years ago maybe even more I can’t remember this Loose ass hoe… decided to text my man mind you he is his ex… said she had a baby and wanted him to see it…. my response… “is it his?” Her thirsty bitch ass said no. I then said, ” then why the fuck does he need to see it.,. She pretended to be her brother and text me back saying that he was her brother… I stated you need to tell your mom to tell your sister to have a little bit more respect for herself considering that she just had a baby by some other man and I have to try to show it off to another dick. I said tell your mom she writes a piece of shit Puta for a kid… she stopped texting for the moment… I find out that I’m pregnant with twins. So I leave this Nigga…four years later he’s coming back at my door crying begging talking about he wants is his family. So I want my children around their father so I take his ass back…Then this thirsty ass loose bitch yeah bitch I said it loose because he told me he could’ve been faithful to you if your shit wouldnt sound like it’s clapping when you walking. Anyways this lose ho it’s going to go and send a Facebook message I made that motherfucker respond of courseacting like a Shy ass bitch nigga he includes me in the convo… I respond this monsters inc reject had the audacity to call me fat I simply responded that I was pregnant then the atrocious excuse for a woman had the nerve to say I was ugly excuse me bitch those 1980 eyebrows went out of style way back in the days get with the program bitch. FYI I’m only 110 pounds how much do you Weigh cow? me fat? LOL bitch why you always keep a shirt on when you fuck? oh that’s right it’s all that lard in the middle I told you to stay the fuck away with your little fucking thirsty ass doesn’t understand so if any of you are her family and friends reading this shit reach out to the hoe and let her know I’m not playing. I don’t like to Internet bang grew up in LA and I know how to go so we can meet up any day I’ll help you loose some of the lard around your tummy bitch.. HOE Sitting around Looking all ashy and shit. Get yourself some business… I don’t like hoes!????bitch you don’t know me fuck with me and you gonna fuck around and want to commit suicide I’ll find your fucking dick of the week and I’ll tag him in this shit I’ll blast you to your own family…do you want to go there you $20 an hour bitch.don’t try me I am a kept hoe which means he goes out and breaks his back I sit back and collect the check you don’t know me if he acts like a bitch when he’s around me is because that nigga is scared of mewhy you ask? The question is bitch you got a child or children ugly ass motherfuckers do you really want to find out because I got enough money in the bank that I could possibly go away for life and my children will still be taken care of. Can you say the same?I didn’t think so…The real question is do you really want to try it you don’t want to fuck with me baby I swear mama You don’t so please oh please you better check yourself before you step to theseMotherfucking real geez… BITCH You should’ve known by now