Complaint: I contracted with Isaac Walden with Grassroots marketing express for lead generation on the internet. He insisted on me sending him a check instead of a credit card and of course I did. The total amount was $648.18 with and additonal like amount due at the end of the third month. At the end of the first week he sent me art work I was supposed to approve I needed changes made and sent back to him. So far he has done nothing a total rip off. He at one point claimed the delay was due to his daughter being abducted, let me tell you the only thing abducted was my money. His company and him are total scam artists stay away do not get involved if he contacts you call the police, and it is impossible to leave a complaint in writing or get anyone at his supposed company to answer the phone.

Tags: Internet Marketing Companies

Address: 10151 Deerwood Park Blvd Jacksonville, Florida USA


Phone: 904-416-1813 ext 1018