Complaint: Well first things first. There was a shooting at our old house in killeen which was rented through Isbell properties. We ended up moving out right after that happening, being as though some had died. We left the house fairly quicky, forgetting a few bags of trash. Oh, i forgot to mention Isbell wouldn’t send someone to clean up the bold, we had to do it ourselves, clean up everything from the shooting. The police ended up removing parts of the door frame and dry wall for evidence. Anyways, so here we are, a few months later receiving pur first letter from a collections agency regarding this $3500 bill to isbell. So i call them for about 2 weeks straight and leave voice-mail that nobody returned. Finally Briggette at Isbell answered and i ask to set up a payment plan. She agreed to it, i have it in a email stating they agree to one. Well i continue emailing so i can get more information as to why he owes what he does, she tells me “he tore down walls

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Address: didn’t take out trash

Website: we scrubbed everything off of the floor when i don’t think we should have. We also left a note on the door staying what had happened and that the police were responsible for taking out parts of the house and wall. It was an official police document”” she claimed to never recieve it. After a few more emails Briggette was very discriminatory towards my finacee (the renter) stating “”he sure was with alot of “”winners”””” which is defamation of character. Illegal. She then went on to two me how one of the Tennants was not listed under her real name

Phone: doesn’t scrub the blood and brains off of the floor and walls