Complaint: Just like everyone else reporting IT MGT I received an invoice for printer supplies. The charge is for 2 units at $598.99 a piece for a total of $1197.98 with a freight charge of $22.98. I also received the flyer that said i would get a $100 gift card of I sent in my name and ext. with payment. I know for a fact the is a scam because our printer sends a message when toner is low to the shop right down the street from us and they will run over supplies. I also showed the invoice to our sales rep down there. He told me they do not partner with IT MGT and it is a scam. Any bills for supplies would come directly form them. As it has been ever since we got the printers. Our company name and address are all correct. They do how ever have an employee’s name listed who would never be incharge of order supplies. Yesterday I received the email below. Accounts Payable, Hope all is well. I just wanted to make sure you’ve received this last terms invoice. Please see attached and let me know any payment status that’s available. The preferred customer rewards are being processed to your attention. Thank you, Debra Mitchell | Accounts Receivable Dept. IT MGT 1805 N. Carson Street, Ste. 333 Carson City, NV 89701 800.672.4161 | [email protected]

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