Computer tech support


My Complaint: This company said they were Acer tech support, I had some questions about my computer, they took some info from me, hacked into my computer them told me they needed 199.00 to fix my computer. I told them I don’t have that kind of money so they quoted me 149.00.They had me so convinced that my computer was all messed up and they would fix the problem’s for that amount and so stupid me agree to the 20 minute fix that turned into 6 hours and they made a total mess of my computer, they have all my banking info, they are LIAR’S THIEF’S, CROOKS, SCAMMER’S. I couldn’t even get on line, they wanted me to wait untill the following day to finish working on my computer. I threw a fit and told Akki and Mona to put my computer back to the way it was before they messed it all up, that took another 2 hour’s, I still could not get on line, so I threw another fit told them I best be getting my money back and I curse them. Within a minute I was back on line and was told I would get my money refunded, today is Sunday so I will find out tomorrow if they truly did refund the 149.99. People like these people make me want to never ever trust anybody ever again. These people are sick and I would love to be the driver of the KARMA BUS. liar’s thief’s crook’s, they are bad people real bad people. I am 85 yrs old, live on ss. What is wrong with people?


My Demand: I demanded they give me my money back.