Complaint: So I recently worked on a basement renovation that Mr. Lenny Whitehouse (It’s All About Granite/Deco Amore) sub-contracted out to me. My job was to fully insulate, drywall, tape and paint a complete basement reno. Our verbal agreement stated that Contractor /Mr. Whitehouse would: provide all necessary materials, and payment was to be made when each finishing trade had been completed (ie: after insulation, after drywall, etc.) In addition, he was supply me with two laborers. Then I started to notice something wasn’t right….I found myself having to purchase over $400.00 in materials and/tools that he stated he would provide, just in attempts to speed the project along so that we could finish within a reasonable time frame. The laborers he was to provide never showed up….And more importantly every time I approached him to get paid (although he did pay me after insulation) he gave me the run around. He used excuses like: He was up at his cottage, that he hadn’t been paid yet and that the home owners were religious and he did not wish to discuss finances with them on a Sunday!.. Trades take time, hell we all know that ….Plumber doesn’t make it, mix up with materials, blah, blah, blah ….These things take time to sort out….And anyone in the trades can tellya that….HOWEVER NO sub contractor should be expected to wait 4 weeks for payment due to the contractors delinquencies…. And that is exactly what happened…..There were NUMEROUS extras Lenny or his alleged “architect”” request that I complete. Not to mention the fact that when Lenny’s employee gave me the measurements for the doors they were all completely off

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Address: which resulted in me having to do them again! (extra’s/fix’s = time = more $ generally but not for Mister Whitehouse)…I mean this fool has NO IDEA what he is doing! He had the flooring put in before the taping was even done! The electrician he hired put the pot lights in uneven… (The ones he requested me/my crew do were dead on!) I mean we did a Cadillac job! If I were the home owners I would have been thoroughly unimpressed…. After my numerous attempts to reason with Mister Whitehouse and getting absolutely no where I decided to speak with the home owner. I asked if Mister Whitehouse had been paid and the home owner stated “”yes in full””……In full?!?!?! I thought to myself?….I mean my poor wife is on the verge of having a nervous breakdown and we are nearly loosing our home and he has been paid in full???? So (clearly upset yet COMPLETELY DIPLOMATICALLY) both my wife and I approached Mister Whitehouse about this and explained to him that that we were aware he had been paid and we required payment he was completely insulting to my wife and told me to leave the property or he would call the police…I mean my wife was basically begging him

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Phone: she had tears in her eyes for Christ sakes! (I am clearly still a bit upset about all of this)…. When we got home we did a search on the internet about Lenny Whitehouse and found some very interesting things out….It seems that our dear friend Lenny here as two different companies. The eldest of the two is called Decor Amor located in Ajax