Complaint: In 2003 I was taken in by Itt Tech Recruiter by just walking through the door to get some information I ended up taking a test I never saw the results of and I was signed up for Electronics when I wanted programming and gaming. My teachers didnt even have Bachelor Degrees they had to return to school when the school tried getting accredited. Half of them quit because they felt they were too old to return for a degreed education. They immediately hired just about anything off the street having no idea about the subject they were teaching or how to teach. Then the head of the dept or principal had to try and teach our class that was a joke. We paid for books we couldnt even use our proffessors used old reliable books because our books came from India and there were more mistakes then anyone could fix they were unusuable but we paid 200.00 per unusuable book. The loans processors and financial aid people changed as frequent as the rest the staff and our paper work was misplaced, lost, or possibly taken along presidents 10,000.00 dollar break offered for his no child left behind campaign my paper work was lost and I did not recieve the break for returning after my Associates Degree. I could go on and on like they wouldnt give us the software for us to work at home but 3/4 of the work was homework. The online courses were so poorly supervised the entire school failed online Economics repeatedly. I deserve to be free of my school loan debt For all they have done if one person wins we should all win. I have not been able to get a job in the field I am supposed to be degreed in and Itt stopped even taking my phone calls when I repeatedly asked for their help on obtaing a good job not too mention they were only required to help the current students so I was told.

Tags: Adult Career & Continuing Education

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