Complaint: Ivan Tyrell Legal Services is headed by a semi-literate individual who is also a nasty piece of work. Making ethnically insensitive remarks is not beyond the administrator of this consultancy. We agreed for a payment of 525 Sterling Pounds for a study, but as soon as the administrator received the work, he tried to pay for it using second hand equipment that I did not need. When I spurned the attempt, he afterwards asked to be given 20 days to read 40 pages of the report (at 2 pages a day) and later on claimed the work was plagiarized. Even though I tried to explain that 16 percent match is considered very much acceptable in academic institutions, the fellow could not understand, presumably stemming from his illiterate, unsophisticated mind. He has refused to pay up 350 pounds he owes me (about $550) and he seems happy with it.

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