Complaint: Ivan Kuzmin, is a 3D designer, animator and architect known online as IvanWOW through (, his facebook profile (, his profile ( and his own website ( Ivan bid on my job to create a 3D product video for my company through; however he violated their policies when he had me pay him for the job outside of, and instead through Paypal. He was paid for the job on August 20, 2018 and was contracted to complete the job in 20 days. About a week into the project he gave me a preview of his animation work with my models, I provided feedback and waited for another update. Except I never got one. The following week I asked Ivan for an update and he said to me on July 31 “you will get new animation tomorrow””. The next day I asked him for an update

Tags: Graphic Design- 3D, Video & Film Production

Address: which he never provided. In fact he ignored the question all together

Website: rather than telling you “”hey something came up I’ll be back later””. He has no professional courtesy

Phone: which is common of Ivan. His communication skills are poor at best