Shame on J Bikes. I would suggest you to never buy a bike from J Bikes. Go somewhere else. I bought a bike from then received a phone call to tell me the bike was out of stock. They told me they would send one that looked like the bike I ordered and if I didn’t like it I could return/exchange it. When I recevied it and built the bike it was a completly different looking bike style and color! I immidiatly called to let them know I was not happy and that I wanted to simply exchange it for the correct bike. They told me that they would do so but had to charge me a 40% restock fee. So basically I would have to pay more for the correct bike! I feel completely ripped off as this was never explained to me over the phone when they told me they would be sending me the replacement bike. On top of that, I trusted them to send me a similar bike and the bike I received was completly different besides being the same brand. I feel they should have taken respinsibility for the actions of their customer support pushing this other bike on me. I even offered to split the restock fee with them for their error. I since then have googled their reviews and they sure do have a horrible reputation. Please research before you purchase anything from any company. and please, do not buy a bike from jbikes, learn from me and their past clients!

1920 South Rochester Avenue ontario, California USA

(909) 332-3288

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