Complaint: This guy makes his living helping MURDERS,RAPIST,AND KIDDIE PORN PRODUCERS. Get away with what they do. He threatens to sue folks for using the wright to free speach. He is a crimanal lawyer and should stick with what he knows. If he knows any law at all. If one person can post anything they want,Then so can anybody else. This is common sence. Anyone knows this. Yet for some reason this mentaly ill collage grad dosn’t. Sometimes a lawyer just has to admit. You have no recourse. But then again he can’t make any money that way. If you are unlucky enough to need a lawyer look elsewhere! THIS MAN’S AN IDIOT! Shakspear said (KILL ALL THE LAWYERS) Even back then the man new! Ben Franklin said (only the inocent need lawyers the guilty will lie for themselfs) And we all know what a smart guy he was.

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