I never received the product I ordered and I feel what happened gets lost in the details. Essentially, they advertised apples and I ordered and paid for apples. Later, they sent me oranges and offered to give me a discount to accept the oranges, or told me I had to pay to sent their oranges back. I don’t want the oranges, I didn’t order oranges, I just want the money i gave for apples to be returned. nHere are the details: nrecently ordered item 1022177 (TAPCO ACU AR15 FURNITURE SET). The item arrived exactly 10 days after my ordering. No complaint there. When I opened the container I was very upset to see that the items included were not those advertised andordered. The kit was said to include 1 ACU AR GlacierGuard, 1 TAPCO ACU AR T6 Collapsible Stock Assembly and 1 ACU AR TangoDown BattleGrip. Two of the three items included in the kit were as described. The “GlacierGaurd”” which is a full replacement hand guard was NOT included. Instead the “”kit”” included TAPCO’s rail panels which are only small “”panels”” to be placed over an existing tactical style hand guard. Their web site specifically described the kit as including TAPCO’s GlacierGaurd and any consumer would expect that item to be included as described

but the plot thickens. They list on their web site a manufactures item number of ZSTK09201A which when cross referenced to TAPCO is the kit with the hand rails (called the Fusion Rifle System)

not the GlacierGaurd. The kit they advertise is actually item ZSTK09160A (ACU AR Furniture Combo – the title used in the advertisment). nI feel as though this is bait and switch advertising. The advertised description was clearly for the kit including the GlacierGaurd

but they included a manufacture part number that is for the actual kit they sent. Very few consumers look up the manufactures part number instead of reading the description provided. I was forced to communicate complaints via e-mail as opposed to being able to call a service operator as they supply no number. I expressed my desire to receive the product i ordered

not the subsitute they sent. There response was to offer me a 10% discount for the item they sent me