My wife and I selected a living room furniture set in Jan 2015. We made a deposit at the time of the selection. We told the sales person that we were not in a hurry to get the furniture as we were going to be selling our home and would prefer to have it for our next home. They promised us that even if the furniture we pick out would be discontinued, that they would save us our set and notify us. We stopped by in Apr and were given the same promise (we also made an additional cash deposit). I believe it was in June or July, we stopped by again and made another cash deposit and were assured that the set was still being manufactured but even if it was discontinued, they would save a set for us and notify us. The young guy marked the cash amount down. He asked if I needed a receipt (because I forgot to bring our paperwork with us) and stupid me said no because I thought I could trust them. We stopped by again in Aug, made another deposit and of course were assured again of the certainty of getting the set we ordered. In Nov I call to schedule a delivery date on Christmas week. They tell me they will call me back. When they call back, they say the set is not manufactured anymore and we can not get the love seat we selected. So their insistance that we will get the set we ordered was a lie. They say they can substitute a second couch in place of the love seat. I also make mention of the fact that the paperwork we recieved during our Aug visit does not reflect the total amount of the deposits we made on the account. I am told not worry about that right now. the important thing is the love seat. I say that I want the love seat and they need to find one. Two weeks later, with them promising to call me in a couple days, and I called them every three days, four calls later, they say they can not get the love seat. My wife decides that she would be OK with two couches (at least one of us will be OK with the outcome). We go up to the store to make the final payment and I point out the discrepancy in the total for all of our deposits. After the head guy goes over the pages several times and 15 minutes later, he comes over to me and explains their figures are correct. He takes a cash deposit entry (the one we made in June or July) and claims that this particular entry is the combination of our original deposit and the one we made in Apr. The had made a book keeping change and had entered on the account that way. So lets reveiw. 1) they lie about us getting what we ordered (over and over again) 2) they want to take $100 of my money (to add insult to injury). So I say, enough is enough, give me my money back and keep the half assed furniture set. 3) they dont give back deposits (that will have to come from the main office, someday). So we walk out of the store, will not have new furniture for Christmas, we wont get our deposit back till who knows when and they are going to keep $100 of our money for our troubles. Hows that for integrity and customer service.

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