I am writing about an agent, Jack Hurley, who is on the staff of Dunes Properties and was responsible for the complete miss handling of a large land investment a few years ago. He was promptly fired for this from his previous company. After telling us he had a purchaser for a the property we had under due diligence, and once it had gotten subdivided and permitted for everything, we went to close on the property and were going to offer $100,000 less only to be told by Jack that we would not offer less. Period. He refused too. Why, I can only assume he wanted a larger price. We after some heated discussion paid the full amount and Jack received a large check upon closing. This is where Jack Hurley told us that the buyer was there and ready. After almost a year of having the purchase delayed and over $75,000 put into what he told us was non refundable accounts, the buyer pulled out and was able to take all his money because Jack never got the funds secured properly. Not only were funds not properly secured but the buyer Jack got for us just a little over a year earlier had been convicted of 39 counts of bank fraud and falsification of documents. A simple Google search on Jacku2019s part would have vented this out. He had us stay with this buyer for close to a year telling us this was going to happen and that all the money was secured. We lost everything including the properties and hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Charleston judge made a judgment in our favor against the buyer for over a million and a half. Jack played no role in helping us get money back other than to come to the court and testify. He was fully responsible for the management of our money that had been placed under his scrutiny. Nothing was handled well and the financial hardship for myself and my partner was immense. Jack can be a very nice personable individual but has no business doing this to someone else. He shouldnu2019t be allowed to practice real estate as far as Iu2019m concerned. He made multiple major mistakes and they released him immediately. I do feel they as a company should have shouldered some of the responsibility for not securing the funds correctly. We are still trying to get any money back from the initial buyer but he has not paid a dime. Sincerely, A Charleston Buyer

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