Less than 5 month after we married, my husband had affairs with 2 of his coworkers, Gabby & Jackie. He works as the head Chef at an assisted living facility in Colfax, Washington.I can only expose Jackie, I don’t know Gabbys last name or even what she looks like, but I just learned from her ex-boss that she has been in a drug rehab since September.I married Fred on October 13th, 2013. I was 38 & he was 40, neither of us had been previously married. We were made for each other & I couldn’t wait to spend my life with him. 5 months later, I ask to borrow his phone after leaving mine at work. Before I could make a call, a text message comes through which read,”I’mtrying to stay as pretty as I can for you, but I’m about ready to take off my makeup and go to bed. Are you still coming over, or did the wife call you home?”I was completely shocked. I sent her a reply which read,”This is Sara, Freds wife. You can take off your makeup, he’snot coming over.”I quickly wrote down her number & then confronted Fred,”Whos Gabby and why does she want to be pretty for you?” Hesaid,”Shes just a friend from work.” I asked him why I hadnt heard about his”friend” Gabby before.”I dont have an answer for that.” was his reply. || I showed him the text she had sent. He SWORE there was nothing going on between them, he was not having an affairwith her, that he would NEVER cheat on me, EVER. He tried to make me feel guilty for even suggesting he would cheat on me. The following morning, I sent Gabby a text looking for answers. She said Fred told her that I was incapable of having sex anymore because I had a heart condition (which was a LIE) and I was totally fine with him sleeping with other women! Fred finally confessed to the affair, I moved out & insisted we file for divorce.Over the next few weeks my anger subsided & I decided I did not want to give up on our marriage. I started making plans on what to do next.Then, a mutual friend of ours told me Fred had a woman living with him, she had moved in a few days earlier. It was Jackie, his assistant chef, whom I had never met. Fred said he couldn’t pay the bills alone & needed a roommate. He said I had nothing to worry about, Jackie was”old enough to be his mother”. I told him I didn’t want to go through with the divorce & wanted us to get counseling. He said he would find us a counselor, but never did. A few weeks later the truth came out. She was not his”roommate”. She had been screwing MY husband and cheating on HER husband since December, just 2 months after our wedding. She had been fired from her job as Freds assistant, was kicked out of her mormon church for being a homewrecker & walked out on her husband of 8 years to move in with Fred. I wrote her a letter explaining I wanted to save my marriage & she should try to save hers. She didn’t respond. On August 22nd, our divorce was final. Jackie is still living with Fred and has yet to divorce her husband. I’m still in shock from it all. It’s been a nightmare. I’m heartbroken, humiliated and alone. I wish I never would have read that first text message from Gabby on Freds phone.