Complaint: After showing me an apartment, I gave Jessica DeLaRosa a deposit of $500 to hold an apartment and $40 for an application fee at the beginning of May of 2016. She insisted I pay the full $500 before she would even think of reserving the apartment. I was up front with her that the house I was in was being sold and I have a daughter in the hospital. When I went back a week later she said she rented the apartment to someone else, the reason she gave was because when I called her I was calling from a private number. I am an elderly lady who does not know how to use today’s technology. I told her I needed my money back, she said no and she kept another gentleman’s deposit because he didn’t call back in time before she rented the same unit I had put a deposit on. She said the money order was already deposited and in the bank and I would have to wait 30 days, I told her I gave the money in good faith and there’s no apt, I need my deposit. Then she said if the money order is mailed it will get lost. Jessica DeLaRosa plays missing money orders. When I said I would take her to small claims court she said not to because she has been doing this for over 12 years with JAD Investments, which research shows JAD was founded in 2012, and that she has a gun. What a lot of landlords/managers do is get deposit from several renters and choose one to rent to and do not return deposits to the others. I sat and waited or the address to talk to the owner and she said “leave”” I told her I need the address. The next day she calls me and said she found my money order. And to show up at her office in 10 minutes which she knows I use a walker

Tags: Landlords

Address: can’t walk and is on the bus

Website: she spoke so loud the dogs next door began to yell. Because she carries a gun it seems that she can mistreat renters and keep their money. When I went back to deposit the money orders at my bank

Phone: and this office is at least 30 minutes away if you drive there. I said there is no way I can do that on the bus. I reminded her about filing in small claims court. The next day she gives me the money order