This is the tale of the homewrecking couch skank. It all started the day after father’s day when my husband came home from running an errand with this homewrecking whore in our blazer. It was unexpected and unwanted, but he put me on the spot and asked if she could stay on the couch for a few weeks to a few months because she had been kicked out. So not wanting to be a completely horrible person I said she could stay a few weeks. || That night my husband and I had gotten into an argument about him putting me on the spot like that. Finally it came time for us to take our babies to bed and he says he’s going to watch a movie first. I said ok whatever, just make sure to get your friend a pillow and blanket before he comes to bed, and I went and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. So I angrily went out to The living room where he was sleeping on the couch and she was on the loveseat. I woke him for work and told him that that was weird, and probably for her too. || That night my mom invited me to go dancing at the senior center with her, and my husband did not want to come so I went by myself. When I got home he rushed me off to go to bed, but him, her and our roommates were all on the deck around our fire pit, I was irritated I wasn’t invited and asked him why, he said because I looked tired. So I went to bed, I was annoyed. The next day I go out and she starts talking to me all buddy buddy and asks if she can take a shower so I said of course. Then she left for work. || The next day I woke up again to my husband having slept on the couch,But this time they were both awake at 6:00 am. He did not say one word to me and left an hour and a half early for work without so much as a peck on the cheek. I knew then that something was up, I still didn’t think it was the woman sleeping on my couch though. || Him and I were texting later that day and he suggested we take a break from our relationship. I was heart broken. || The next morning I woke up early to look through his phone and that’s when I found their texts. The day she took a shower in my house she took and sent him naked pictures of herself. But the worst part for me was the way they were talking. They told each other they loved each other, he said he wanted to spend his life with her and for her to be the step mother to my children. My heart shattered. 4 years has gone down the drain. I went up stairs to confront him and told her to leave which she did not do, and if my children would not have been there I would have beat the shit out of her and threw her out of my house. || He begged me not to leave him, to give him another chance and kept telling me how much he loved me. I told him she needed to be erased from our lives and he couldn’t use that gas station anymore, he said ok but acted very angry with me. He blocked her on his phone and Facebook and things were ok, not good but ok for a few weeks when he started acting weird again. So I waited for a good opportunity and went through his phone again, sure enough I found an app called voxer that sends voice messages. So I actually heard them saying I love you to each other. She is a disgusting waste of skin and space. She is the reason my 2 year old cries for her daddy day in and day out.