Complaint: Red alert to all women who meet this man. Seriously. He has had three affairs w/on women. He acts a victim of child molestation (by his mom’s best friend, he said he was 14 – oh and then he married her) and molested by his step-father and his mother did nothing to protection or get him services for these abuses. He is now 47. He uses this to get woman to feel sorry for him. I met him and got to know him, and he complainted about his then current wife and had an affair on her. The woman he had the affair with, then recently was shown the door without explanation. He made it sound like he just needed to have time (were together 10 years). Just found out he had another affair on the last lady he was with for the 10 years, and just moved in a new woman after 4 months of dumping his last pregnant affair. This woman waited and went bonkers, for him to figure it out until she could not wait any longer. She just had a 20-week abortion, that could have taken her life. This new woman he started talking to (he had a new affair) convienced him that the pregnancy was a lie. He uses women to get out of relationship, because he does not have the balls to do it on his own. He comes across as the nices man around. NOT. He did not care about the welfare of the past woman or the fact he is childless. Mount uses stronger than him women to get rid of the other woman. Like he did above. He put this woman (the pregnant one) in bodily harm because her divorce was not final and if the spouse found out, he would have killed her (even though the they had been separated for over 10 years). James Mount knew this. This poor woman had to home, no income, nothing. He promised to love her heart and soul and forever. He writes this to all his woman. He is under the guard of a new pit bull. He has older women and mother-figure issues. Stay away from him. He is dangerous to your health and mental, and emotional well-being.

Tags: Social Services

Address: 64224 Lutz Road Constantine, Michigan United States of America