CLICK HERE FOR HW EXPOSURE || I have been with this man for 20 years (15 married) we have 5 children together. We decided to make a big move(with the approval of our children) from Ohio to South Carolina/Georgia area, he left on August 15th to go start work and save for our family to move there. I thought we were happily married, he paid for my cousin,sister and I to come down at the end of September to spend a weekend and house hunt etc. Well we( I thought) had a great time, it was baby do you have to leave? Can we get someone to bring the kids down here and you can just stay with me? I don’t want you to go! || Called and text me and our children everyday up until October 17th. Never called or text so finally he answered me and decided to tell me about her. Well I’m a woman and didn’t want to be a detective for no reason, did some digging and found her nasty ass. He claims he told her about my children and I from the beginning and she didn’t run, really? Can we say they are both nasty ass losers and deserve each other.