This individual was hired by my elderly parents to install a new lawn last fall. My father carefully followed the instructions on caring for the lawn after the install with regard to watering, mowing, etc. The only thing that grew was crabgrass. After contacting the owner/operator and said he would come by and rectify the situation. Then nothing. After repeatedly trying to reach this person, he finally sent his “crew”” over to reseed the lawn. Their methodology for “”rectifying”” the issue and reinstalling a lawn was this: take a leaf blower

blow errant leaves off the dust

toss more of their premium “”seed”” across the patches of crab grass and leave. No knock on the door

no phone call

no communication. How can we verify this? My mother witnessed all this skilled labor from the house. After another round of unanswered phone calls my father finally left a message requesting a refund. More radio silence. i asked for this guy’s contact information to see if an unfamiliar number may warrant a call back. Bingo. I received a call the same evening. After an initially pleasant conversation