This fine piece of white trailer trash has a history with married men. Not 1, but multiple times she has broke up homes over her selfish needs. Now before I go any further I am not taking up for any guy involed. With that said if you clearly know that a man is married and you continue to seek his attention in a inapropropate manner what does that make you? A Homewrecker!! That’s what you are Jamie!!! Clearly daddy issuse have played a roll in her life. At the age of 17 she admitted to sleeping with a 36 year old man who she was riding to church with. By the time she was married she didn’t know if one of her babies was even her husbands because she could not keep her legs closed. Even on New Year’s Eve she was out cheating with another man who was married! He locked his keys in his car and had to bust his window out to get her home in time. He parked down the street so her husband would not see who’s car dropped her off. She ruins lives over and over and thinks she is the victim. The same very guy that she cheated on her husband with was a heroin addict and she left her husband to stay with this guy in a trashy hotel. Now at this point she has already broken up two homes in one swipe. It got so bad the the guy she cheated with made up a story that he got a job out of town just to get away from her. She is that crazy! Once this fling had run its course she tried to get back with her husband. By May of 2015 she was involved in a crash the was caused by her. The result was the lose of life of her brother and daughter. Now she has wrecked her on life and her family. She was charged with death by motor vehicle, crossing the center line, improper child restraint meant and last but worst of all DWI! According to records she was high off pills but she denies this like so many other things. During this time she had begun having a affair with a married man who was a manager at a local restaurant. Again with the motels she goes except this time she had a run in with the wife when she caught her new lover shacked with his wife. It’s sad but the story does not end there. Later in 2015 while living at home with her parents at the age of 23 she would strike again. This time is was a married man who owned a bar with his wife. In June and July she would go in the back and give him blow jobs for cash to by pills and drinks. She will never admit to it now but it came straight from the horses mouth. Then again Another victim would fall at the hands of trailer trash while she knew this man was also married it did not slow her down. No no no in fact her tactics increased and by this time she would prove to be a master at manipulation, blackmail and wrecking another family! This time she had Become a master of fake Facebook profiles and fake numbers. By this time in her life it was a Daily struggle finding pills to snort and chew. Things got dirty as she tried to trap this John as her new baby daddy. I have to stop here and just say this trash does not need to be bring another child into this world. Moving on! This affair would end with her having a restraining order slapped on her and being charged with cyberstalking cyber bullying and posting a nude of this guy on Facebook. (Revenge porn) also 2 more charges of domestic violence for breaking the no contact order. It’s all in public records and these are fact not rumors. This Homewrecker stalked this man and his wife from fake profiles and sending threatening messages and text. She has admitted to sleeping with over a hundred guys and she is very proud of herself. Moving into 2016 while still awaiting her trail for her wreck she continues to ruin people’s lives she began working at a local strip club and posting nudes of her and her new fling on her Facebook while still stalking her victims. Several guys later she would final get knocked up by a young man and claim he beat her and pointed a gun at her face. (Wonder why right) my team has not yet been able to confirm this but it is worth noting that they broke up and she got her a new man. While this was going on she accused her baby daddy of cheating on her but would later get back together with him. History is now repeating it self as she does not truly know who the father is. This is truly a sad miserable person who gets off on married men, pills and sex! Yet she can’t keep a man, job or her legs closed! and doesn’t own a pot to pee in. Her life her reality is based on some fairytale in her head that she is somehow not any of this things but rather a crown jewel that men just simply can not resist. She has the mentality of a child with abandonment and daddy issues and being a pill headed sex addict. This is not based on rumors or gossip but rather from her own admission and through her Facebook, court records and facts and a private investigator. This person is sick in the head stay far away from her and don’t be a victim she does not care about anyone or anything and will use sex to get what she wants and it’s time the truth comes out!