Jamie came into my life when me and my husband divorced as the new gf. since day one she was fake. pretending to wanna hang out with my kids just so their father would fall for her. Once she got what she wanted she felt she had a voice as to how things needed to go with exchanges because she didn’t like that my ex husband and I were friends. After that my kids would come home with unmentionable bruises. She also drove under the influence with my kids in the car. Her and I went back and forth with restraining orders and me trying to protect my kids, over 2 years she has made up lies to get things to go her way. making marks on herself telling the cops I did it. Always trying to look innocent. When they got married he signed his rights over to my kids and didn’t see them for a year. When they divorced he found an amazing girlfriend whom my kids adore and love. Now the drama between her and I has always continued she won’t leave me alone no matter what I do. I even moved away. || Now his gf is pregnant with his daughter and she’s starting things with her. Telling her the whole time they have been together the have been sleeping together, but mind you she’s had a boyfriend, quite a few. She has a habit of not being happy in her own life that she has to make everyone who is happy have issues. Most recent messages have been we have been sleeping together the whole time, hes going to leave you once you have the baby and she’s claiming that I have also been sleeping with my ex. this woman will say and do anything to ruin anyones relationship to get what she wants. even go as far as threaten an unborn baby’s life. || Unless you want drama for the rest of your life take this as a warning, STAY AWAY FROM HER. her mother owns a daycare that she works at, remember i said she drove under the influence (pills and alcohol) with my kids in the car. She shouldn’t be allowed near the other kids. I’m writing this as a warning this woman is a 32yr old homewrecker of a different sort. She may not be doing what shes claiming but she knows how to lie to make you believe every word out of her mouth. She changes her hair color and claims to be a christian, but shes the (removed) baptist church type of christian. The mugshot is from when she drove my kids.