Complaint: Jan Windglows, Do you know the meaning of confidentiality? Apparently NOT!! You cannot repeat any clients name to anyone and you have posted confidential information on your clients on the INTERNET and twisted and lied as to what they told you. You are not a psychic! You are a WITCH!! Evil and negative and destructive to yourself and everything that is associated with you. The laws of the universe dictate that what you wish on others happens to you x10 tenfold. Good brings more good but evil destroys only you not the person to which you direct never effected. God is powerful and omnipotent. That client asked you to STOP posting false reports on the Internet and you disrespected that request. WHY???? Is someone paying you to torture, defame, scandalize, lie, committ fraud daily? Who benefits from 4 years of cyber stalking by Jan Windglows and Jim Morgan? You have treated one former client in particular with no integrity or honor. She declined your services as every client has a right to do and you have posted slander, lies and misinformation about her for (4) four years. You have attacked her and her family and her dead father Why did’t you just cast a spell to get her out of your life? Because SPELLS DON”T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is not a convicted felon 1st lie. Is this a sample of your unpsyhcic inabilities. I called this young woman as you gave her name and address on the internet without her permission and I got an earful. She has NOT been convicted of any crimes

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: more of your false information

Website: Jim Morgan

Phone: she is in a lawsuit currently and working her way through it. She is not in jail