This company has very harassing collections. If your payment is one day late, they will start calling you 10-15 times per day starting at 8am. My husband asked them if they’re hard up for money? I mean, this is harassmentWe have everything saved on our cell phones to show how many times they call. !We’ve spent over $6,000 at jared and ALWAYS make our monthly payment. A few days late? Maybe but never more than a week.The fact that they know our payment history yet still feel the need to call excessively shows poor business practice.Oh, not too mention my husbands wedding band – the diamond fell out of it about 5-6 times, we had to keep brining it back to be fixed and his new ring causes a sore and itches his finger.Poor product, poor customer service,poor business.

375 Ghent rd Internet United States of America


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