I have been with this man for almost 20yrs. He has repeatedly cheated on me and lied to me about it. He quits jobs, never takes responsibility for himself or anything he does. He’s a self centered asshole. He started talking to this whore that works with him on Jan 15, 2017. From Jan 15 – Feb 10, they texted over 25000 times, plus talked on the phone. Not sure how you have that much to talk about but whatever. He came in out of the blue on Feb 3rd and said he wanted a divorce. I found out about her and he still refused to fess up about her but was hiding his phone and deleting all of the messages. He left our house and took nothing with me. He refuses to help with bills or anything else. A week after he left for this other women, I found out I had a tumor wrapped around my brain stem. He cares about nothing but himself. He has blocked all contact so he is unreachable. He needs a warning label stuck to his head. The women in the picture is the whore that he left for.. Good luck to her, she ahs no idea what she has on her hands. He’s lazy.