Complaint: I was involved in a car accident in 2011 in which later, several weeks later, I pled guilty to a DUI to avoid having my child taken from my custody while awaiting the results of a blood test that was taken at the time of an accident. I pled guilty to a DUI which I was understanding automatically I was at fault for the involved accident. Time went by and a few weeks short of two years later I was served papers by a local officer telling me that I was being sued by Javitch Block and Rathbone representing State farm Insurance company which was representing the other party involved in the car accident. When I contadcted Javitch Block and Rathbone I was informed that they had previously tried to contact me by sending paperwork to my previous address which I had not lived at for two years. They also told me that it was not thier job to find my current address and that they were not able to find my current address until two years after the accident. There were many ways to have found my present address because not only did I receive benefits from the state, which kept my current address in the state of Kentucky in many systems, but I also had updated my driver’s license when I moved which put my current address in the system with the same police department that served me with the summons to appear. When I went to court the representing “lawyer”” put in a motion to continue the case to another date because the attorney representing Javitch Block and Rathbone was not able to appear in court. I requested documents to be sent to me in reference to the amount that I was being sued for and any other documents concerning damages and bills. Three months later I got a mound of paperwork that did not equal the amount i was being sued for and also did not clearly state who recieved what services or what amounts had been paid out or unpaid amounts. Before we were scheduled to go back to court I recieved paperwork from Javitch Block and Rathbone agreeing to settle for a much smaller amount if I agreed to set up a payment plan. At this time I was not working

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Address: I was in college obtaining my degree and a single parent of three children. I was told that I would have my driver’s license suspended if I did not come to an agreement with the settlement by several different representatives that I talked to when I called the number given to get in touch with Javitch Block and Rathbone which were: jack Gordon on 04/21/2014

Website: my kids to sporting events so that they can have somewhat of a normal life being involved in school sports. This has also kept me from being able to obtain employment within my career field that I obtained an Associate’s Degree in because many positions in this field require a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation. I am today still trying to get this lawfirm to respond to me so that I can try to make some type of arrangement that I can afford so that I can provide for my children and benefit from my furthured education. I need help as it seems that there are many strikes in this situation that would make this an unvalid claim against me. 1. Javitch Block and Rathbone did not contact me until 2 years after the accident to retrieve funds that were supposedly paid out. 2. They did not provide proof of the amount they were sueing me for. 3. Javitch Block and Rathbone refused to make an arrangement with me that did not put me and my famiily in a hardship to satisfy the lawsuit. 4. It has been 3 years since they suspended my driver’s license and since I have made payment but I have not received any paperwork or requests from Javitch Block and Rathbone on the lawsuit what so ever.”

Phone: Heather (refused to give last name) on 04/16/2014 and Bryan Lane on 04/16/2014 also. I agreed to send in payments of what I could afford $20.00 a month for the first year and then $100.00 a month after that to give me time to finish college and obtain employment. There were a few times that I was unable to make the payments and I contacted Javitch Block and Rathbone to inform them of this but was told “”oh well you have to make the payment period.”” Then they suspended my license and restricted me from having a vehicle in my name which makes it impossible for me to work at all. When I contacted the lawfirm to make arrangements so that I could get my license reinstated in order to obtain employment I was given a ridiculous amount of over $6000.00 to pay before any type of agreement could be set up. I was also informed that they would have to file a paper with the court showing that there was a satisfaction of payment and that it could take from 3-6 months before this would be done. So even if I had the $6000.00 to pay I would still be unable to have my driver’s license reinstated until the proper paperwork was file with the court to lift my suspension and restriction. This has created a very terrible hardship on me as a parent and single mother not to include the overwhelming stress of having to find someone to drive me not only to work but the grocery store