I called and spoke with a guy that was referred to as “The Tech.”” His name was Kyle. Location Jacksonville

Florida on Powers Ave. I was told they had a PS3 160 GB for $200 out the door. When I asked if it was a refurbished console I was told no. He stated that when someone purchases a new PS3 from best buy they have to bring it back within 14 days if they want a full refund. Best Buy though can’t sale these consoles as new anymore so he is able to get them at a discount. When I arrived I paid the $200 for the console and an additional $30 for an additional new controller which was in an authentic Sony PS3 package. As soon as I got home I immediately pulled it from its box. The console had scrathes and dings on it. Definitely did not appear to be new or under 2 weeks old. I noticed the serial number on the console was different from the serial number on the box. So I ran the number on the console and it came back as a 120 GB Hard Drive. I called Kyle and he told me how to check it on the screen. It was a 160 GB Hard Drive that he placed in it. So I questioned him about what he told me about the console only being 2 weeks old from best buy and he began acting oblivious to our previous conversation. While talking to him and the ps3 only being hooked up for a couple of minutes I began to smell something burning and the machine froze up. It would not allow me to power it down or anything. As I’m telling him this his whole attitude then changed and he rudely told me to just bring it back for a refund or just do whatever I wanted then hung up on me. So I took it back and was given a refund but have kept the new ps3 controller. I have now come to find out that the controllers they sale are knockoffs and not authentic. The analog sticks on them do not work properly. There’s a small reset button on my controller that is authentic. So the ones they sale are fake with no reset button. When I asked about the controller while purchasing it I was told Sony changed their packaging so they were able to get the controllers at a discounted rate to pass on to their customers which was another lie that these people have now told me. They are nothing more than con artist and I can not believe that they are still in buisness. Also while I was in their store the first time two other people were bringing their consoles back complaining they had stopped working. The second time I went in to return mine another person was also returning theirs. Seems to be a common problem there. STAY FAR AWAY!!!”

6653 Powers Ave #239 Internet United States of America