I have witnessed jay/fletcher in some of his scamming ways. He first in Tallahasse, Florida where he was arrested for breaking into a home and robbing it while the people were asleep. When the man woke up he beat the tar out of Jay. There is a wanted poster of Jay on the internet from Tallahasse. Jay had moved to Oregon where he tried the computer scam for $10,000 as youve read. Then he moved to California where he began signing his friends names as landlords so he can get an xtra $300 a month for general assistance. He was reported to the Montrrey Social Services Department for that. Jay is also a cleptomaniac that has to steal everything he sees. There were people in the Berkeley Shelter called the Harrison House that wanted to kill him, especially since he was calling black men racist names. Jay is a computer expert but uses it to steal rather than make an honest living. His own father in Florida is wealthy and was so ashamed of him that he told him he would disinherit him if he didn’t leave. I stopped hanging out with him when I saw him stealing at Trader Joes in Monterey, CA. He’s probably back in a Shelter in Berkeley, CA scamming somebody. He prefers elderly men. .

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