I called them to clear tree roots from the main sewer line. They showed up at 4 pm with a small snake, which of course was not meant to clear roots. They said they would have to return the next day with a bigger machine. I told them on the phone before they ever came out that it was tree roots, so they should have arrived with the right equipment. | Then, saying they were done for the day and refused to finish the job kinda of put me off. As soon as the water began clearing, they packed it up. They didn’t bother to make sure the whole line was clear. Then. they tried to charge me for the trip to my house the previous day when they brought the wrong equipment! Three months later, another backup in the main sewer line and another charge as they refused any kind of warranty. | Had they run the snake completely through the line the first time, I wouldn’t have had to call them back. They smoked the whole time they were working, dropping cigarette butts in my yard. My dog, who loves everyone, growled when one of them tried to pet him. I had the feeling if my dog hadn’t done that, they would have been back to rob me.

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