On 6/16/17 I had a problem with my computer. I clicked on Contact Us and was connected with Microsoft support. The support team said that they would fix the problem for several different fees totaling aver $600.00 or for a lifetime of fixing(my Lifetime)they would fix any software problems and protect my computer from the router so no one could infiltrate it and corrupt it or get in my files; They said it would cost $899.00 for this lifetime protection. Since then they have not been able to fix 3 separate problems, they kept pulling up 10-12 Russian IP address that have supposedly infiltrated my computer, even though JC ITS supposedly was blocking all this from getting into my computer. The last time I talked with them they tried to charge me .76 cents to repair or .93 cents to replace my network drivers amounting to $132.77/$161.82. They wanted to further charge me $77.00 to service my new computer ( they crashed my old computer hard drive and my new hard drive). The company keeps calling me weekly telling me there is something wrong with my computer and wants to get control of it internally. I can’t get them to stop calling. One time they called me and said they were going out of business and wanted to return my $899.00 but the only way they were able to do so was to put it right into my account. When I called the company back they said there were scammers impersonating their company. I talked with my bank because I was leery about spending that much money with them taking it directly from my account. My bank quickly researched the company and said it had a four star rating and was legitimate; that is why I originally went with the company.