I ordered a sectional sofa from JCPenney.com on June 5 2010. The original delivery was scheduled for June 19 but it was cancelled same-day because the local delivery person could not find the feet for the sofa. JCPenney told me they’d have to cancel the order and re-order the sofa. Ten days later, they had charged my credit card again but never removed the original charge and I had to call them to get it removed.The second delivery attempt was made in July. This time, two left-arm pieces were delivered instead of one left and one right. The customer service rep promised they would expedite delivery of the missing piece. A week later I received not a sofa piece, but the slipcover.I called JC Penney two or three more times because at this point I had three order #s and it was very confusing. Most of the time the rep on the phone assured me everything was being taken care of, the supervisor had me on a special list, things were being expedited. This week I received……… wait for it………Another slipcover.Oh, and they charged my credit card another $200 for the slipcover without my authorization.I now have:3 slipcovers1/2 of a sectionalAnd JCPenney has had $1789 of my money for three months.I can’t wait to take them to small claims court!!!!!

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