I went back to jcpenneys to pick up a suit after being altered. The older french native sales rep. gave me the suit but it didnt have the shirt we bought that went with it. So I asked where it was and he replied I dont know? I told him I needed the shirt and he said What do you want me to do about it? nFrustrated I made my way to the customer service desk and a friendly manger was able to help by going to search for the shirt. Meanwhile, I waited for her at the customer service desk and not but 5 minutes later the snooty man came up to me with the shirt and I asked him where it was and he said simply..in the back. Where was supposed to be anyways, he just never bothered to look for it. I asked him why didnt he look for it in the beginning and he said How was I supposed to know? How incredibly stupid for a man who sells suits. nI am just happy that I didnt buy it from him. I explained what happened to the manager, who was still looking for the shirt, and she told me she would go and speak to him right then. She made the experience tolerable but I was so worked up by this man I couldnt believe I spent $300 on a suit to have been treated this way. That was amazing.

collin creek mall Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

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