Complaint: To Whom It May Concern: tI purchased a 1999 Chevy Blazer on January 14, 2004. Since this purchase I have had nothing but problems with this car. Here is a brief explanation of the past 7 months. tAttached you will find 7 invoices from the service department for work performed on my vehicle. This does NOT count the service and repairs that we completed by myself and my mechanic. I have complained to the manager, service manager, and salesman about this car. Still nothing has been done to satisfy myself as a customer or to fix this car. I have complained and taken this car to the service department at least 4 times for code P0300. This is a random misfire code that Greg has known about and has supposedly fixed until the latest episode. I was told the following, take it to Hallman and have them clean the fuel injectors. We have gone above and beyond the warranty. Well, I purchased a warranty for a reason. Here are the following dates that I complained about this issue alone, 7-7-2005: I was told the ROM was throwing the code and they would replace the VCM 7-20-2005: I called because the air pump was not working and it was giving a code 410 and 300 showing a secondary air injection malfunction and the random miss-fire. I replaced the air pump because they could not do it until around the 2nd week in August. 7-29-2005: again I complained about the code 300. This time on there paper work they even noted the random miss-fire code. Again, nothing done about this but cleaning the air mass air flow sensor and check numbers 2 and 4. They say it runs fine however after driving 2 miles down the road the same thing is occurring. Random miss-fires. 8-10-2005: now code 304 is on showing that number 4 is miss-firing even after they say that they inspected / checked number 4 on 7-29-2005. They replace a 30 amp fuse and they are done and solenoid. 8-12-2005: while driving to work I notice the car is running sloppy again. It has the same signs as last time and the service engine light is flashing. I attached my personal OBD-II scanner to the computer and I find again the random miss-fire code P0300. 8-14-2005: while driving the car with children in the back, the car stalls and will not start. The service engine light is flashing and throwing code P0300 still. After several hours the car starts and I drive it straight home. This car has been nothing but a hassle and inconvenience for me since I purchased it. Not a month has not gone by were it has not been in the service garage and left me with out a vehicle. When I purchased the car from Paul Lawson I was told that you sell and finance reliable and dependable vehicles. Let me explain my definition of those terms; RELIABLE; CAPABLE OF BEING RELIED ON; DEPENDABLE; A RELIABLE CAR DEPENDABLE; WORTHY OF BEING DEPENDED ON; A SECURE INVESTMENT Now that I say that I am not paying for it and am going to file a complaint, now they want to take it to Hallman on Peach street. I guess the past 7 documented times were not good enough. This does not count the times that they did not even do an invoice. They said they would give me a loaner car but last time that car broke down too. My suggestion is do not buy anything from these people. You will be in the same place that we are. Let’s all get with each other and do something about this place. David Girard, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: 4125 Peach Street Erie, Pennsylvania U.S.A.